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Saturday, July 19, 2008

If You're Looking to Buy a Bare Bones Computer, Follow These Tips to Make Sure You Don't Get Scammed

By Joe Bobick
  1. Since there are not many parts to begin with in a bare bones computer you may be missing parts. Most people need to get one or two parts for their day to day operations due to different applications that people use them for. Do your homework first and find out exactly what you need from your bare bones system before buying.
  2. Super cheap computer deals should also throw a red flag like ones under $ 200. Carefully analyze the components of the package especially if the monitor is included, you are most likely getting a real piece of junk that won't work.
  3. Usually these type of computers use older parts. It can be a great cost saver, and some old parts still work great, if you want to upgrade it isn't going to be cheap.
  4. There is a much greater chance of having defective parts. Your motherboard could be defective, the power supply could go out in a couple of months it just goes hand in hand with "cheap computer stuff".
  5. Refurbished computer parts can be a great cost saver, but there can be problems with the updates to these computers. Often the bare bones computer is slightly updated to meet needs, but is really quite an old model, just with upgrades.
  6. Some sellers of these computers might offer a warranty. The problem with that is most of the parts are way past their manufactures warranty date, so the warranty is only guaranteed by whoever is selling the computer. It's best not to bother with this, a crooked seller can make an easy profit off of you, and leave you with a broken computer.

Well I hope that helps, just keep these things in mind before you start shopping, good luck!

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