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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Repair a Scratched DVD the Right Way

By Raymond Remi Rheault

I have a lot of DVDs, Games, and music CD's and I've tried just about every method you can think of to get the scratches out of them. I'm a little bit lazy and I often don't bother to put my discs away. I put them in a stack on the coffee table, or toss them onto the floor beside the TV. If you're like me, then let me tell you how to repair a scratched DVD the right way.

Don't bother with the suggestions that tell you how to "fill in" the scratches. Vaseline, Furniture Polish, even Banana's; none of them work for very long. Eventually the stuff falls out of the scratches and into your DVD player.

If you want to repair a scratched DVD properly then you need to polish down the plastic buffer so that the scratches appear shallow to the laser eye. There is a thin layer of plastic that protects the data layer beneath it. The scratch in this plastic layer stops the laser eye from seeing the data clearly.

You can do this in two ways; By hand or machine. If you decide to polish your DVD by hand then you should use something very light to do so. You must also do your best to polish the DVD evenly. Personally I recommend that, if you want to repair a scratched DVD the right way, you should use an automated system. I've ruined several discs by trying the free suggestions and none from an automated machine.

Fixing scratched DVD's (CD's and Games too) can be time-consuming and sometimes causes more damage in the long run. Visit for advice on quick and easy ways to fix your scratched DVD's properly!

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