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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Best Package Deal to Get is the LG Secret

By Mark Hirst

The concept of mobile phones has undergone a phenomenal change from being just a means of communication to that of awareness and knowledge, and its expansive nature has helped in collating the world into a wholesome entity. The latest entry into the world of media and communications is the LG Secret which has superior technological qualities to give you the best of all the worlds.

Haven't you often wondered if only you could carry your camera, music system, PC and other communication modes together wherever you go? The LG Secret is here to fulfill all your desires. It boasts of a 5 megapixel camera which gives you quality pictures and records videos. The auto rotating features help you to even view the pictures in vertical or horizontal positions. The camera is fitted with photo and video editing features and you will marvel at the automatic light settings to give you that picture perfect quality.

You can listen to your favorite music with its inbuilt player that is equipped to play most of the file formats. You need not cart your heavy PCs, as you can surf the net with the help of the WAP browser, check your documents in Word or Excel and make your Power Point presentations with the help of the phone. The LG Secret helps you to connect to your PCs, printers, laptops and other devices with the help of Bluetooth which saves you from the hassle of USB cables. You can play your favorite games on your mobile and experience fun and excitement by rotating or tilting your phone.

The LG Secret has an inbuilt memory of 100 MB which is expandable to 4 GB with the Micro SD memory cards. Now, you must be wondering about the look of the phone. The LG Secret is sure to mesmerize you with its sleek black body which is very robust. The glass screen is scratch proof. The neon touch screen navigation buttons are going to floor you. You can also use the mechanical keys if you are not comfortable with the touch screen. It has supreme sound quality to enable you to hear clearly in poor environmental conditions also.

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