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Friday, July 4, 2008

Forex Trading Robot - a Free Proven System For Big Long Term Gains

By Kelly Price

Forex trading robots are all the rage and there are many to choose from but most don't work - this one does and best of all its free and has been proven to work and has been the basis of successful many trading systems over the last 30 years...

Let's make a couple of points about this forex trading system before we look at it:

The system we are going to look at is extremely simple. In fact, you can do the calculation in your head and don't even need software but don't be deceived by its simplicity, all the best forex trading systems are simple, as they are more robust, in the brutal real world of forex trading with fewer elements to break than complicated ones.

Also don't be put off by the fact its 30 years old. Sure, we have seen huge advances in currency forecasting in this period but that means nothing in terms of profit, as the same ratio of traders win today as they did 30 or 50 years ago - just 5%

Ok let's look at this forex trading robot.

It was developed by the grandfather of modern trend following Richard Donchian, when he was looking at repetitive cycles in commodity trading and although developed to trade commodity markets, it will work on ANY Trending market.

As currencies trend so well, it is an ideal long term trend following system to use for profit.

Here is the rule of the system and there is only one:

Buy a new 4 week calendar high and go long and go short on a new 4 week low. This is a stop and reverse trading system and maintains a position in the market at all times.

Simple? Sure it is, but this system called the 4 Week Rule (for obvious reasons) is based on sound logic:

1. Its based on currencies will always exhibit a long term trending nature trending for weeks, months or years
2. Its based on a breakout methodology which always works

Test it and you will see how effective it is at catching and holding long term trends. It's not perfect of course (no system is) and when markets don't trend it can get chopped about but you can counter this by using an exit filter. Simply exit on a 1 or 2 week cycle (or short term moving average) and go flat then wait for the next 4 week signal to trigger your trading signal.

This forex trading robot is very robust and works and you can test it and see.

The fact that its successful though doesn't mean many traders will use it even though it makes money and here is why:

1. They dismiss it (wrongly) as to simple work

2. Traders like more complicated systems, with fancy names as it makes them feel safe, although they rarely work

3. Its brutally objective and most traders don't have the discipline to execute in line with the signals

4. Its not fussy about market timing and most traders like to try and predict market tops and bottoms, even though this is not possible.

5. It doesn't trade often so does not please the action trader - but that's not really a problem, as you are only judged on profits with your market timing

6. Its not trendy with a fancy name. Of course this means nothing but traders love systems that sound clever like neural networks or ones based on chaos theory etc even though they don't work!

If you are Interested in Making Money Though!

This system works, will continue to work and in under 30 minutes a day, you could be piling up big profits. Sure, its simple but as we have said don't be deceived. Forget all the systems sold with simulated track records and get a real proven one which savvy traders use and continue to use and you can enjoy currency trading success.


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