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Thursday, June 12, 2008

What to Have in Mind When Choosing a Bluetooth Headset

If you think choosing a cell phone is already too extensive, choosing a headset can be just as bewildering. With so many styles available, headsets are quickly becoming fashion accessories in their own right. And as their use increases, especially with the hands-free legislation for drivers, you now can go far beyond clunky, tangle-prone wired headsets by using Bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth offers a convenient and user-friendly wireless connection between a headset and a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, that's why they are "in" not only for gadget lovers, but for the "Simple" people as well. Until recently, there weren't enough capable phones to match the wide array of headsets. Fortunately, those numbers are beginning to even out, and you can even buy Bluetooth adapters that let you use a headset with a non-Bluetooth phone.

There are a few things that you would want to keep in mind when shopping for a Bluetooth headset.

All Bluetooth Headsets fit all phones. This is a thing that gets many consumers confused. No matter on your cell phone brand or model, any Bluetooth headset will work for you. All cell phones are manufactured to accept a standard Bluetooth headset.

Boom or without a boom. If you favor the traditional headset look with a microphone that arches toward your mouth, a model with a boom might be the best fit for you. Most models use a standard ear clip, but others clamp on in alternative ways. Some people feel that it is easier for them to be heard when using one that has a boom. However with today's noise canceling technology this should not be such of a concern. Others won't touch a headpiece featuring a boom, claiming that it gives them the look of a professional telemarketer. If looking like a telemarketer isn't your thing, consider using a boomless headset, where the microphone is located on the earpiece.

Battery life. Battery life can vary widely. Though the rated average talk time is more than five hours, some manufacturers promise much longer. Likewise, rated standby times can range from less than a week to almost a month. Battery life is a thing that should be taken into consideration when choosing a Bluetooth headset.

Fashion or simple. It depends on your taste, age and profession. Styles range from simple to the very stylish ones. Since headsets have become a stylish accessory, some people purchase a few Bluetooth headsets in order to match their attire or occasion.

Larry Jung is a blogger and writes about technology and cell phone accessories and currently contributes to the Shopcell Cell Phone Accessory Blog. He has been working online for the past 12 years doing content syndication.

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