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Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to Download Latest Polyphonic Ringtones?

By Jitesh Arora

Nowadays internet is providing lots of free stuff.If somebody have access to the internet he can download anything he wants. Same is true with ringtones. You can download thousands of free ringtones at the comfort of your home. Not every website offer the mobile phone related stuff for free. Some websites and portals charge a small amount of money. This money is charged to pay the royalty of the tones.

Do you know enough about the websites which offer free melodies? There are thousands of websites which are launched everyday. Not every website offering free tones is safe to use. Don`t be in hurry just go through the website and read the rules and regulations. Beware of scams and hidden costs. The website or portal which you have selected should be secure and free of viruses. Some websites ask you to be a member. Some offer free membership and others charge a membership fee. After paying the membership fee you can download any type of stuff from the website but for a limited period of time. Some companies ask to subscribe for a newsletter. After subscribing to their services you can download any type of melodies you want.

Downloading the melodies from the website is really simple. You don`t have to worry even if you are a beginner. All you have to do is to go through the ringtones which are offered on the website. Choose the package which is compatible for your mobile phone and click on the download now icon.

The second step is transferring the tone to the cell phone. Most commonly four types of methods are used. The first one is using a data cable. Every phone comes with a data cable. Data cable can help you to make connection between phone and computer. You can connect the data cable by following some simple guidelines.

The second method of installing the ringtone is with the help of sms service. The ringtone is sent by the website in the for of a text message. This text message can be easily saved as a ringtone.

The another method is to enter the code manually in the phone. One of the latest methods of transferring ringtones is with the help of bluetooth and infra red technology. By using one of the above methods you can easily transfer a tone from internet to the cell phone. Everyone wants to give a new look and feel to their cell phone. The craze of polyphonic ringtones is increasing among youngsters. Internet is the place where you can get every type of melody at the click of the mouse.

So what are you waiting for? Just go through the internet and find the latest tones which match your style.Do you want to create your own tones? It is possible to create your own tones with the help of latest tools available on the internet. Some phones come with inbuilt melody composers. It is really fun to create personal tones and melodies.

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