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Sunday, June 22, 2008

iPhone Games For Free

By Alex Jacobs

Those who own an iPhone want to get iPhone games for free. No one wants to buy an expensive item and have no games, movies and music to go along with it. It is expensive to buy all these items separately so what can you do to get iPhone games for free?

By now, you realize you need a computer to get Iphone games for free. You may not know though that just any computer will do. You don't need computer that has been recently bought off the shelf. Systems about 10 years old will work. It should have a hard drive with about one gig left. You only need this small amount of space because the games do not have to stay on the hard drive once they have been transferred to the Iphone. Do not forget to have space on your Iphone so you can transfer those games.

Your computer should have a modem of some type installed. This is your ticket to get Iphone games for free. By having a dial up or broadband modem, you can get online. Do you know the difference between the two? Dial up, first used in the early 90s, is good to use but rather slow. Broadband is much faster and can be used by several different methods. These include but not limited to: DSL, cable and wireless.

Many Iphone owners know they can go online to look for these sites but they may not know where to get good and newer Iphone games for free. Some places you go can be bad for you in more than one way. These places are called peer to peer networks or also known as torrent sites. Why would these by so bad if you can get Iphone games for free?

There are two reasons that give cause for concern.

First, there are so many viruses out on the net that are increasingly striking people who download often from these sites. Virus creators develop them so they can do several things like obtain your personal data, flood your computer with spam or shut your computer down making you spends hundreds of dollars to fix it. If a virus creator sends you malware, it is likely they have an intent to steal your identity, wreaking havoc for you.

Second, these torrent sites are very much illegal. If you are caught by a government official downloading copy written software, you could go to prison for some time and/or pay restitution.

There are also sites that do charge but only a one-time fee. This fee, which ranges from $30 to $50, is used to fix any issues with the site and update their entertainment list whether it is games, movies and music. Their download speeds are also quite fast and best of all, it is all legal. Your fee, in no time, will end up paying itself in a short amount of time.

You Can Finally Enjoy Your iPhone!! Take advantage of these costs while the prices are still low. If the iPhone gains popularity much like the iPods have over the years, then we are more than likely to see more versions of it.


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