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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Screensavers - What They Can Do For You

Most people might think of screensavers as just a bunch of animated scenes or beautiful pictures sitting on their PC desktop. A screen saver is far more however. You may be surprised to learn that behind the scenes a screensaver is helping you in more ways than one, such as:

Stress Buster

With many of the relaxing screensaver themes available today, simply watching can reduce your stress levels significantly. In particular, many of the nature screen savers which include sounds can be an escape from today's hectic pace and noise.

Monitor Protection

Screensavers help protect your computer screen from image burn. When the same image is displayed on the screen for a long period it can burn permanently into the screen. This was the original reason for screensaver development. Although screen burn is not as much of a problem these days, some of the new LCD screens can still be affected by it. Having a nice screen saver will give you added protection just to make sure.

You may realize by now that downloading a screensaver for your desktop is a good idea; which it is. However, there are a few things to consider. Because a screensaver is typically an executable file, there are risks you should be aware of, namely spyware, viruses and trojans. All these little nasties can be packaged into the screen saver file and infect your computer when you install it.

Choosing a Safe Screensaver

The best way to protect your PC from spyware and viruses is to follow these simple steps:

1) Image Quality

Does the preview screensaver have high quality images or animations? While this is not always true, in general high quality animations or images are more likely to be produced by a genuine business.

2) Website Address

You may find screensaver download banners and links on a wide variety of websites. However, take note of the website where you are taken to for the download. For instance you may click on a banner on a web page which takes you to the main screensaver download site. If the download site looks unprofessional or has a dodgy web address then it could be risky to download any of their files.

3) Guarantees

Most of the better quality screensaver download sites will prominently display some sort of virus and spyware guarantee. While you can't solely rely on this it is a good general guide when choosing a screensaver download site.

By using the three points above together you stand the best chance of protecting your system from viruses and spyware when downloading screensavers. The reason that screensavers where originally developed is not as much of a problem today as it was. However, as with many things, they have evolved to have other purposes. Grab yourself a nice screensaver today and de-stress, enjoy the show, and be happy.

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