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Sunday, June 15, 2008

The 5 Golden Rules to Internet Shopping

By Adam Babish

Its not uncommon for new shoppers to the Internet to simply type in a search and buy from the first shopping site they find. But the savvy shopper uses tools to save as much as possible, making Internet shopping a truly great experience!

Here are the 5 golden rules for Internet shopping:

1) Coupons

It should become second nature that every time you get to that last checkout page you have a coupon to enter in that little box. There are several websites that offer thousands of coupons to most every on-line store.


retailers use on-line rebates that have save a huge % on the purchase price of your product! They are betting that you are too lazy to fill out the little form and cut out your UPC code. Use these and save big!

3) Deals

You can save huge amounts by finding good ol' deals! Sale prices can be dramatically lower than standard prices and can help you save big!

4) Free Shipping:

Look for sites that offer free shipping! This can save you several dollars on your purchase price!

5) No Sales Tax:

Most out of state retailers do not charge a sales tax for your state! This can help you save lots! My states tax is above 8%.

Use these tool and you will undoubtedly improve your on-line shopping experience! After all doesn't it feel good to feel like you got an awesome deal!

Adam is a moderator at the deal site they post daily deals and post thousands of coupons for their users to share!

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