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Friday, June 6, 2008

CECT P168 Case - Many Inexpensive Options Are Readily Available

My obsession with the CECT line of iPhone clones started with the P168. Since that time, I have seen many others come and go, but I still consider this model to be the original. I still believe that it is among the best. People continue to stop me to ask about this phone. Some assume that it is an iPhone, but many recognize that it is just a cool gadget in its own right.

There's no doubt that this little clone is filled with innovative, appreciated features like: always being unlocked; having dual sim slots so you can have two phone numbers; having a removable battery; and including bonus surround sound speakers.

However, I still sometimes find that people hesitate to look into this knock off because they are uncomfortable with the fact that it is an import.

They assume that because this mobile phone is from over seas, it will be difficult or impossible to get accessories for it, namely cases, skins, and batteries. This assumption just isn't true. I have an entire drawer full of accessories that I easily obtained for very little money.

Additionally, this phone, and its accessories, is available for sale all over the world. You don't need to live in or get it imported from China to enjoy it.

There are a huge variety of cases available for this replica in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials. The most popular is black leather, but this is only one option.

There is also a flip business model available as well as funky color options like pink and turquoise. There are cases that clip onto your belt, slip into your pocket, hook onto your desk, or fit onto your car. These are very reasonably priced, usually running less than $5.

You can also obtain silicone face protectors and skins that will not only keep your phone looking new, but will enhance the appearance as well.

The bottom line is that this little iClone has become so common place that there are really no worries about finding accessories for it. You truly won't have to pay dearly to have anything shipped from China and you'll likely have a large selection from which to chose.

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