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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Computer Dropshipping - How To Sell Computers On eBay

By Max Suther

Selling computers on eBay is a good way to make some extra money. There are many ways to make money selling used or new computers on eBay. This article examines what you should know before you get started.

No matter what product you decide to sell on eBay, you need to know the demand for the product. Just because you think people want to buy a particular computer doesn't mean they will. If you really want to sell computers then find out which computers people are searching for on eBay. The way I do this is using eBay Pulse. This page within eBay's site will show you the top ten searches within each category. So before deciding which computers to sell on eBay first find the ones that are in demand.

Once you know which products are in demand then you must find a good computer drop shipper. You can search the internet for drop shippers but I have found in my 10 years of eBay selling experience that this is a big waste of time. I found that the best way to find dropshippers is to belong to eBay seller communities. These communities are made up of people who want to sell products on eBay just like you. When I want to find a new drop shipper for a product I ask the community for their advice. This way I know that others have already used the service and are happy with it. Trust me; you don't want to use a drop shipper who doesn't do a good job.

The formula is simple, find the products in demand and then find a reliable dropshipper of that product. Happy eBay selling.

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