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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top of the Shops!

Have you ever found yourself confused over which mobile phone to buy? Is there just too much choice? When making a purchase ask yourself why you are buying that specific handset. Has your decision been swayed by a flashy TV advert or eye catching billboard poster? Phone manufacturers seem to think that it will be, as they are promoting their new handsets with expensive advertising including flashy TV campaigns.

With all the advertising that goes with that new must have mobile phone, the manufacturers want to know how well their handsets are competing with other handsets. A handy way to check is to take a look at the Tracker Chart. Samsung have this week topped the chart for most popular contract mobile phone. The chart is created by Mobile Today and is based on contract mobile phone sales through Carphone Warehouse and Phones4U. This is great news for Samsung as the last time they topped the chart was back in November 2007 with the G600.

The popularity of the Samsung Soul could be due to the size of their advertising budget. Samsung have given the handset a massive promotional push including extensive TV advertising, and it seems to be paying off with sales going through the roof.

The chart has been dominated by the Apple iPhone and Nokia handsets over the past year, so Samsung should be pleased that they have made it to the top spot beating both manufacturers.

The LG Secret which is currently in stores may prove to be stiff competition for the Samsung Soul. LG have also backed the Secret with an impressive £5.5 million marketing campaign, which as the hype about the Soul dies down may sway people towards the LG Secret instead.

So next time you buy a mobile phone, think about why you want that particular handset. Have you been sucked in by a great advertising campaign?

This and many other articles on mobile phones and the latest mobile phone deals was written by John Gray.

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