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Saturday, January 5, 2008

What To Watch Out For When Buying WoW Gold

World of Warcraft Gold is some pretty serious currency. In fact, the value of WoW gold can rival the value of money from developing countries. The demand for Wow Gold is so high that some people sell their WoW gold and there are also online gold farms that sell WoW gold to gamers.

For those who are new at War of Warcraft and prefer to farm gold themselves, here are some quick tips you can follow:

1. Maximize the Use of the Auction House. Learn to use the auction house efficiently so that you get the most out of every transaction. You can use the auction house to sell weapons, potions and other items. Make sure you understand the value of items so that you don't end up wasting precious time by auctioning off worthless items. Items that have more use are easily sold at auction houses and will give you more money.

2. Monitor Items on the Trade Channel. Keep an eye on the trade channel because you may find some hot commodity on this channel

3. Develop Professions. Initially, developing your primary and secondary professions can get you good money for your services. In fact, in the early stages, it is best to develop professions and level-up the characters instead of diving to WoW Gold Mining right away. By the time you reach level 40 or higher, you will find that the items you purchase will have more value for your game.

4. Understand the Market. Knowing when the best time to sell, what items to sell and who to sell to are essential in getting the best mark-ups for your commodity.

5. Play with patience. Some professions can be boring but rewarding in the end. Sometimes you really need to endure such professions if you want to earn good money. One of these professions is fishing. Fishing requires patience and skill but once you get the hand of it and discover the best places to fish, you can earn good gold for your catch and the items you salvage from the water.

6. Create alternate characters to stay in the auction house. This way, you can send the items for sale to this second character and your main character no longer has to travel back to auction off an item in the capital city.

7. Act cordially at Auctions and Trading Channels. You do not want to turn people off because they can easily look for your commodity from another seller. You want nice, clean transactions that will lead to a good reputation.

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