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Monday, January 7, 2008

Designed Like a Samsung G600

Gorgeous and elegant-this is how the Samsung mobile phones are defined. Samsung, a renowned mobile phone manufacturer is widely acclaimed for fashionable phones, especially the slim sliders. Its newest member, Samsung G600 is no exception. This beautiful phone is equipped with the latest technologies which can enable users with intrusion-free communication.

Samsung G600 is a gorgeous phone with a large 2.2-inch colour screen which can display up to sixteen million colours. The phone is basically a camera phone with a high-performance 5-megapixel camera that can click pictures with great clarity and vividness.

The phone has a storage capacity of 55 Mbytes of built-in memory which can store a number of files and formats. The camera in the phone comes with a built-in flash and auto focus facility to give maximum clarity. Therefore, every time you use the camera feature of the phone you can be sure enough to capture a perfect image. Also by using the video recording feature, users can record every moment he wants to preserve.

The entertainment facilities offered by the phone are also worth mentioning. Samsung G600 boasts a built-in FM radio and music player with good sound quality. With the help of its FM radio users can to enjoy live music, news updates and radio talk shows even while travelling. It is also worth mentioning that the Samsung G600 is also a good communication device which supports Bluetooth A2DP for wireless connectivity and other latest technologies like EDGE which enables high speed data transfers. With the help of the USB 2.0 in Samsung G600, you can transfer your favourite music at a lightning speed.

Yeah, Samsung G600 is an excellent device which can perform various functions like taking photographs to playing music. It also has a Web browser with the help of which you can access the Internet easily, send and receive e-mails etc. However, the phone is quite expensive and not everyone could afford to purchase a Samsung G600. But the latest trend in the mobile market, which have introduced the concept of "mobile phone deals" have made it easily accessible to all. Whenever you have a closer look, you will find a wide array of mobile phone deals which offer latest handsets in a discounted price and sometimes for free. Who knows you may also get a cheap Samsung G600 phone deal matching your budget!

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