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Friday, January 18, 2008

Fast Podcasting: 4 Keys to Get Started With Podcasting

by G Allan Roberts

A lot of online users these days are becoming more and more unsatisfied with traditional websites that cannot offer more than content and graphics. They are constantly looking for enhancements and additional features that can improve their internet surfing experience. Thus, the birth of podcast. Experts agree that podcasting is the new and a better way to be heard and get your message a cross effectively. The process involved in recording and broadcasting podcast can be really complicated especially if you are a first time user. It can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. However, if you have the patience and determination in incorporating podcast to your site, the end results can be gratifying and rewarding. Here are the 4 keys to get you started with podcasting:

1. Understand the process. Podcasting is relatively new in the internet but you can find lots of information through articles and tutorials that can guide you when making your first podcast. Take note of the techniques and tricks that can use to make podcasting easier and enjoyable for you.

2. Have fun. If you decide to use your own voice in broadcasting your podcast, enjoy it. You will be able to produce an enticing podcast if your listener would feel that you are having fun with it.

3. Prepare a script. This is crucial if you will be presenting tutorials or step-by-step guide. This will aid you in making sure that you will not miss anything that could affect the creation of the end product.

4. Make it interesting. Insert some music, jokes, quotes, etc. to make your podcast more lively. Avoid sounding too stiff unless you are talking about business or any serious topic for that matter. Also, speak as if you are directly talking to your listeners so you can get their attention quickly.

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