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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Buying Monitors Online

By Bill Pratt

Buying new monitors online is an easy task - well if you know the basics of computer monitors. The first thing you would need to decide on would be the type of monitor you would be getting. There are two primary options: LCD, which stands for Liquid Crystal Display and the CRT, which stands for Cathode Ray Tube. There are some LCD monitors that are also called TFT or Thin Film Transistor. These would be the higher quality LCD monitors that employ an active matrix.

CRT monitors are typically cheaper and could be bought in larger sizes, along with higher resolutions compared to LCD monitors. However, LCD monitors have flat screens and does not require a tube, giving them extremely thin casings, which would be a real space-saver. They also have sharper image quality and consume less power.

Other things you would have to think about when buying monitors online would be: the resolution, the dot pitch, refresh rate, color depth and color technology.

Resolution would be the number of pixels that a monitor is able to display. Make sure that you will not be getting a monitor with high resolution but has a small screen, as you might end up realizing that everything would be too small to see. The dot pitch would be the spaces between the screen's pixels. The refresh rate of the monitor would be the number of times that the screen could be "refreshed" per second. And lastly, for the display technology, you would have the option of selecting between the VGA or Video Graphics Array standard, which has always been a solid standard in video signal transmission to your monitor, and DVI or Digital Visual Interface standard, which allows the signals to remain digital so that there would be no signal degradation or loss as they are transmitted from the computer's video card to the monitor.

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