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Monday, January 14, 2008

Samsung SGH-N625 Review - A Review of the Samsung SGH-N625 Cellular Phone

By Jonathan Baker

The Samsung SGH-N625 is a deceptively simple-looking cell phone that packs plenty of useful features into a very portable package indeed. It supports a blue backlit LCD screen with a resolution of 128 by 64 pixels, and measures 3.5". The cell phone can even be programmed so that the screen flashes up to six different colors - one for each contact.

It measures 3.9" high, 1.7" wide and 0.8" thick. The 25 distinct polyphonic ringtones make it easy to personalize the cell phone further, and more tones are available for download from the Internet. Specific callers can be assigned distinct ringtones as well - which is always a great feature! Embedded JAVA download support makes acquiring new games and tones straightforward and fun.

This cellular phone is capable of making calls on voice command alone, which promises to streamline the networking routines of busy users. It also comes with a document viewer, a file explorer and voicemail/voice memo - which is extremely convenient. Multi party calls are also standard, rounding out this cell phone's strength as a professional or high business-grade communicator. The cell phone features SMS, EMS and MMS preinstalled, as well as push-to-talk and predictive text input functions.

The mobile phone operates on the GSM 900 and 1900 MHz frequencies, and .a 500-entry internal electronic phone book gives users instant access to even their rarest contacts. With a full line of personal information management devices - including memo, calendar and currency converter, the Samsung SGH-N625 is a good companion to even the busiest users.

The Samsung SGH-N625 is a perfect business cell phone - its forward-thinking features mean that this small, powerful phone will serve densely scheduled professionals very well indeed - now and in the future.

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