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Monday, January 7, 2008

Staying Organized with Palm Centro Smart Phone

By Michael Ferrerya

In the days of fast paced living, everyone needs a little something to keep them organized. The Palm Centro Smart Phone does just that and keeps it all in the palm of your hand. This phone features everything needed to stay organized and ahead of the game. There are contacts, calendars, task lists, memo features and so much more. With the Palm Centro Smart Phone at your side, it has never been easier to keep your life all in one place.

Starting with the contacts feature, the options for organization here are limitless. Traditional cell phones allowed for the storage of cell phone numbers and one or two other numbers needed to contact a person. This phone changes all of that. In addition to keeping phone numbers, there are spaces available to keep an email address. In the technological world of today, people are increasingly having website addresses to keep in touch as well. This phone provides for the storage of that information. There are places to keep track of important dates for a contact like a birthday or anniversary. These dates are displayed in the contacts entry and on the phone's calendar.

Speaking of calendars, the Palm Centro Smart Phone allows for the outdated planner book to be left at home. Virtually all aspects of a busy schedule can be kept on the phone's calendar feature. A person can keep a personal schedule right on the same page as the business schedule. There is no longer a need to juggle two books with two different schedules and fearing of leaving one behind. Depending on the user, the calendar view is available in day, week, month or year formats. At the touch of a button, a person can have all of life's precious moments at a glance. Never miss another personal celebration or business meeting again.

Every busy person keeps a to-do list. Whether the list is kept mentally or jotted down on paper during the morning cup of coffee. It is a part of everyday life. With the Palm Centro Smart Phone, this to-do list is now available in the palm of your hand. Simply use the full keyboard to enter the list in every morning. As the day progresses, items completed can be checked off. At the end of the day, the phone provides a visual look at what was accomplished in a day and what can be tackled tomorrow. Another entry method is utilizing the included USB cable to connect to a home computer for faster input of information or related files.

Much like the to-do list feature, the Palm Centro Smart Phone has a memo feature. Use this feature to jot down ideas for a kid's Halloween costume, the shopping list for dinner or notes for the next board meeting. Whatever the purpose, this phone lets you keep track of it in one convenient place. Never again worry about losing that little sticky note or spend countless hours sorting through stacks of notes. Life suddenly just got a little easier. With the organizational tools provided by the Palm Centro Smart Phone, a person frees up time to spend playing with this great phone.

Michael is a technology author for EverythingCentro where he is responsible for reporting the latest Palm Centro news and writing reviews on assorted Palm Centro accessories. You can often find him taking part in Palm Centro forums.

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