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Friday, April 24, 2009

What Causes Physical Memory Dump? - How to Fix Physical Memory Dump Now

By Johny Foster

So your computer has been restarting randomly and showing you "Beginning dump of Physical Memory"? This error is also called Blue Screen Error or Blue Screen of Death and it is quite rare. The worst fact about them is that once your computer is affected it will never stop until your computer is fully unusable. Once your computer starts showing signs of this error it will never stop. However there are ways to keep it at bay and if possible, stop it.

What Causes Physical Memory Dump?

First of all to answer the question "What causes physical memory dump?" I will explain to you what actually happens during the error. There are many possible causes of physical memory dump but they are generally divided into three groups:
• Incompatible Device
• Incompatible Program
• System File Error

The first two groups are not hard to understand and normally disappear after the respective device or program is removed. If all your devices and programs are working fine then your windows system is the one causing physical memory dump.

System files or what people often call registry files are the most important files in your windows system. These files regulate your computer and run all your program and devices. Sadly such a complex system file also has many weaknesses. System files are regularly updated when you change settings or do anything with your computer. Given time, they grow and grow and sometimes they are also buggy. Such big system files will congest your computer and create more errors, they simply compound in number. It will reach a point where your computer finds too many problems and is forced to restart itself. When your computer restarts, your windows will create an entry, this process is called physical memory dump.

How to Fix Physical Memory Dump

The first step you should take to fix physical blue screen error is to remove problematic devices. You should do this if your computer starts showing blue screen error right after a new device is installed. The device can be anything starting from a new graphic card or printer or a newly installed Ethernet card. Try to remove the suspicious device and its driver. Check if blue screen error stops. If it persists then you should go to the next step.

Now if your hardware or devices are working fine you might want to check your programs. Have you installed something before blue screen error starts to appear? If yes then try to uninstall the program and see if it fixes the problem. Should the problem reappear then skip to the next procedure.

The last possible cause of physical memory dump is system file error or so called registry error. Repairing them requires a lot of computer knowledge and also very dangerous since one single mistake can lead to a disaster for your PC. The only way to fix blue screen error caused by system file error is by using a registry cleaner program. Simply download them and let it scan your PC. Once it finishes scanning it will prompt to fix your system.

The whole process is safe since the program is specially designed to carefully do its job. After the whole process is done physical memory dump should be fixed and your PC will be back to normal. Get the registry cleaner for free trial here.

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