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Sunday, April 12, 2009

i9 3G Review - A Look at the Features and Performance on This 3rd Generation iPhone Clone

By Rae Edwards

I get a lot of emails asking about the quality, the performance, and the features on the CECT i9 3G.  People want to know if it is worth it to upgrade from i9 to this new version.  Or, if they are in the market for a new iPhone clone, they want to know if they should go for the very popular regular version of the i9 or if it's worth it to pay a little more for the 3rd generation model.  I'll try to shed some light on this by reviewing the phone in the following article.

The 3G Version Is A Great Phone Because The i9 Is A Great Phone: I guess I didn't build up much mystery here, but the truth is that both of these phones are great.  In essence, the 3rd generation version of the phone is basically the i9 with some updates and upgrades.   This phone still has dual sim active (you don't have to switch back and forth between the cards) Java support, shake and tilt, and is a quad band.  It is still sleek and light.  It still has web browsing, Bluetooth, MP3 / MP4, video recorder and web cam, digital camera, FM radio, and e book reader.  It has email, MMS, EMS, and SMS. 

None of these popular features have been taken away.  The quality is still really high.  The phone is still high performing and functioning.  The only real difference is the change in appearance and the upgrades, which I will discuss now.  

The Rounded Back: Obviously, this phone wants to mimic the iPhone 3G. To that end, the back and corners of this phone have been rounded to give this new sleeker, rounder appearance.  If the having the latest look or style is important to you, you will probably like this very much. 

The 16MB Of Memory: The i9 could hold 8GB of memory and this was considered very generous at the time.  This new one can now accommodate 16.  This comes into play if you download alot of songs, games, or movies.

The Moving, Changing Icons: Probably the biggest difference is that you can now drag and manipulate the icons and that there are now 10 pages of them.  You can now use the page turn motion to go through all of your icons like on the iPhone commercials.   You can now create shortcuts and / or icons for the features that you use the most and you can move these to the top.   Again, this greatly appeals to those who really care about the appearance on the phone.

Colors: Speaking of the appearance of the phone, the housing on this is thicker and sleek / shiny.  It's also available in white, red, and sometimes gold.

So, Which Is It?:  Which phone is better is going to be an individual decision.  The i9 is without a doubt the best selling iPhone clone.  Customer satisfaction on it is very high.  Many people wouldn't trade it for anything.  It's reliable, high functioning, and reasonably priced, but the 3G wasn't available when this phone made it's entrance.

The new generation model seems to appeal to folks who are either buying a new phone or who were going to upgrade anyway.  If you were going to get a CECT anyway, it can be appealing to get the latest model, especially since there is not that big of a cost difference.

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