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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Before Buying a Franchise Consider This - Part 1 of 2

If you are considering buying a franchise, be sure you look and consider all your options. As you already know there are many and varied franchise opportunities. Your search has probably taken you through various searches including "the best franchise opportunities," "franchise(s)," "franchise," "franchise opportunities," "best franchises," and many others. I'm sure you have considered the upfront investment required to purchase a franchise. And you have thought about having a brick and mortar store front from which to operate your new business. You've thought about the concentration of the type of business; i.e., is there room in the market place for it. Are you acquiring an exclusive territory or is another of the same franchise located within a certain radius? How long will it take to recoup my initial investment? What support does the franchisee offer you and what additional cost is involved in that training? What are the ongoing royalties and fees that must be paid to maintain your franchise? Yes, doing your due diligence can be overwhelming at times, but it is necessary.

Compound the above considerations with the state of the economy and you might become discouraged. Realizing your goals may have to be postponed until the economy rebounds you wait for a brighter outlook. Considering the product or service the franchise provides, the state of the economy might not be a problem. Buying a particular product or service may be steady in both a good and bad economy. However, finding a product or service that is not affected by the economy will be quite a challenge.

You may be an experienced franchisor. If that is the case you are quite familiar with all that must be considered when shopping for a franchise to purchase. If you are a beginner, however, you will need to be very careful not to overlook anything prior to making that relatively large investment.

There are alternatives to franchises that should be considered. I was seriously looking at a particular franchise in the not too distant past and opted not to invest due to not getting an exclusive territory and having concern for the ongoing royalties and fees. I found that an online marketing opportunity existed with a much, much smaller investment and offering a much greater potential income. The comparison of the two made it quite obvious that the internet marketing business opportunity gave me the brighter outlook that I was looking for without the potential headaches of operating a franchise business. The advantages that presented themselves were affordability, low monthly overhead, no inventory to carry, high income potential, no royalties to pay, virtually no equipment, no staff requirements, relatively fast profits, and no bank loans.

I encourage you to look into the alternatives before investing in a franchise.

Donald Brewer is an internet marketer developing a team of world wide internet marketers. He thrives on helping others achieve their goals and overcoming personal and financial problems. Go to to learn more about Donald Brewer and his team.

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