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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bargain Basement Prices on Datacard RP90

By Daisy McCarty

Datacard Group is replacing the standard RP90 ID card printer with their new Plus version. The opportunity to obtain one of the older models is hard to pass up. In some cases, the price for this printer can be as much as 60% off the original retail cost. These unique circumstances make it possible for businesses to do something really unusual - upgrade to a discontinued product. This is because the machine in question is a reverse transfer printer. Many companies settle for a simple direct-to-card device to save up front costs; but the steep discounts on this unit bring it easily within reach for even a modest budget.

Retransfer is overwhelmingly proven to be a superior printing method. It protects data from tampering by layering the image and text on the underside of a sheet of transparent film that is then bonded to the card surface. This process can be used on non-standard materials and is safe for contact and proximity smart cards. The print head never comes into contact with the data chip and therefore won't be scratched. In addition, the film easily contours over raised areas created by internally embedded chips.

The Datacard RP90 offers full color printing using dye sublimation and resin transfer. The edge-to-edge effect is vibrant and professional at the same time. The back of each card can be printed in black resin ink using YMCK-K ribbon (don't worry, the supplies aren't being discontinued!). A dual sided printer like this one makes it easy to include additional text and effects such as signatures that may not fit on the front of the card. One nice feature on this model is the "erasure" of the black panels on each YMCK ribbon. This precaution allows you to dispose of used supplies knowing that data printed off of each cartridge cannot be retrieved from the trash and read by an unauthorized party. This is especially important for medical information cards since social security numbers are often used as member ID #s for health plans.

The variety of solutions the RP 90 can provide is actually very broad. Cards can be printed for employee or student ID, customer reward and loyalty management, facility access, data control, and many other functions. One great thing about getting a significant discount off the regular price is that the money saved can be used to select extra options. These include magnetic stripe, contact, and contactless card encoding. Each feature opens up a new set of possibilities for card applications. The smart card modules come with both read and write capabilities making this type of upgrade a sensible and versatile investment.

Another add-on to consider for this Datacard printer is the RL90 lamination unit. This equipment can be attached in line with the print path for single-pass printing, encoding, and laminating. The RL90 uses the DuraGard brand of topcoat and laminate panels. These are available in thicknesses from .6 mm up to 1 mm. They can be purchased in either clear or holographic versions. Used in conjunction with reverse transfer printing, such products provide excellent durability and protection against abrasion and fading.

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