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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brother Intellifax 2600 - A Quiet and Effective Choice For the Office

By Ben Pate

The Brother Intellifax 2600 Printer is a plain, simple and affordable laser fax printer suitable for home users and simple office works. It is a very good and dependable solution for those who need to send a lot of faxes and also need to make sure that their data will actually reach the other end.

It is a very well appointed and user friendly fax machine; it is fast and reliable, marking the way to face the paper when sending faxes. This is actually very practical, because many people, who are not used to sending faxes, deal with this problem on a daily basis. It rids users from guesswork, which is not needed anyway.

The Intellifax 2600 is also a quite fast fax machine; according to the specifications, users can send a new page every six seconds, which is a quite realistic time. Most users get impatient while sending faxes, due to the amount of time that a standard fax machine needs to send the fax. The Intellifax recovers from idle condition pretty fast as well; a standard printer-fax machine needs approximately twenty to thirty seconds to warm up, but the 2600 needs half or even less time.

It comes with a 2MB of internal memory, which is not expandable, and can store up to 120 pages for reception. It features a Quick Scan memory transmission and can broadcast faxes to several locations simultaneously. The dual access capability allows users to scan the fax into memory prior to sending; the fax machine can keep the incoming fax in memory as well, which is quite practical in the case that the fax is out of paper. As long as there is space in the memory, the user can be rest assured that no fax will be missed even when out of paper.

The fax printer delivers laser performance and accuracy; it comes with 600 dpi of resolution and features a caller ID and Distinctive Ring Detection. It doesn't give a written report of successful sending, but the user can access the history of fax transactions and check if the fax has reached its destination.

This printer is a quiet fax machine as well; it is audible only if you are standing in front of it. Among its other features are the photocopying abilities; the intellifax 2600 can make multiple copies and even enlarge or reduce the source paper. It has an automatic fax and telephone switch on, which allows the user to use the machine both as fax receiver and voice call on just a single phone line. There are also 16 slots that permit the storage of phone numbers you use more often.

The printing abilities of the Brother Intellifax 2600 are quite good but not impressive; as in all fax machines of this category, the device can deliver the printing result of a photocopy machine. The texts are clear and readable but not crisp or sharp.

Overall, the Brother Intellifax printer and fax is a dependable solution for home users; it is also quite affordable, especially since the standard Brother Intellifax 2600 Toner comes in reasonable prices. For more information visit

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