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Thursday, April 2, 2009

M88 Quad Band Phone - A Look at This CECT Smart Phone With WiFi, Windows, and Java

A lot of people have been emailing me and asking about the M88 quad band phone (aka MiPhone.)  Many want to know how this phone stacks up to other popular clones like the i9 or the SciPhone.  When I tell them that the main difference is the fact that the M88 includes WiFi and the Windows operating system, they often ask if they really need these additional features as this phone is a little more expensive than those other phones because of the additions.  I'll tell you why I think that this is a great phone for the right consumer in the following article.

Why WiFi Is Such A Great, Money Saving Feature: Some people see WiFi as a cool, but expensive novelty.  It's true that this feature can add a little bit onto the cost of the phone.  This phone runs about $30 - $50 more than say the i9, but you will save this cost many times over if you are near many hot spots that will allow you to connect to the Internet for free.  Even if you have a great data plan, the cost of browsing the Net can really add up, especially if you favor large sites like YouTube, Linked In, and Facebook.

But, if you connect via a hot spot, you can browse all you want without burning any data on your plan or sim card.  And, if you typically use your phone at work, home, or school where you can connect via your router, you can theoretically surf away from free with this tiny device so that you don't have to lug a lap top.  This can save a huge amount of money over time.

Why The Windows Mobile Operating System Is A Big Plus Too: The CECT phones often have operating systems that are a lot like the iPhone.  But, this one uses Windows.  What's the advantage? A few things.  If you use this phone for business, the Java support allows you to download tons of productivity applications that can make your life easier.  The QWERTY keyboard (touch screen) and the stylus makes entering information and editing documents quick and easy.

But, I think the biggest advantage of running on Windows Mobile is the ability to download web browsers that allow for Flash.  There are so many phones today that do not support flash or adobe's flash player.  So, when you go to interactive sites that have animation or video, you can't enjoy these things.  But, there is a new browser that is free and includes flash (called Skyfire.)  However, only phones that run Windows Mobile are able to download this.

And obviously the Windows interface is more friendly to productivity. I now sometimes leave my lap top in the car during my son's hockey practice.  I can link up with the rink's WiFi and edit Word documents or keep up with the office on the phone rather than having to lug my lap top around.

Other Features:  This phone also contains all of the other features that most people love about the CECT clones.  The phone supports Java and Bluetooth.  There is a media (MP3 / MP4) player. There is an FM radio, an ebook reader, a camera and web cam, voice recording, handwriting recognition, etc.  This one is a quad band. It is not a small or scaled down version.  It is a full sized phone.  You can use it with any carrier that supports GSM sim. This includes prepaid, pay as you go, or contract options.

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