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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Using Your 12 Volt TV As a Second Monitor

By Richard Mason

Did you know that most of the newer flat screen LCD TVs released on the market today support PC input? More people every day are beginning to truly utilize the full effectiveness of their 12 Volt TV by plugging it into their computers and operating it as a monitor. By using your 12 Volt TV as a computer monitor, you will be able to watch an online movie, show the family a slideshow, and best of all save a lot of space.  Even if you already have a working computer and monitor, you can still use your 12 volt TV as a second monitor (Dual View). Perhaps you have two important programs that need to run simultaneously or need the ability to browse two websites at once. In any case, the ability to use your ac/dc television as a second monitor will surely will come in handy.

In order to plug your television into your computer you must first establish what kind of connection is supported by your devices. After that you must confirm you have the proper cord and simply plug it in. To better understand this process you must first learn the three main types of computer-to-monitor connections.

Digital Video Interface (DVI) - This is the highest quality connection you can make between these devices because it uses the most recent digital technology including clock functionality and supreme signal eminence. Not many of the older televisions are able to support this type of connection so please check your TV to make sure.

Video Graphics Array (VGA) - This 15 pin analog computer connection became standard for connecting PC's to monitors after its invention by IBM. This is the most common connection type. Most computer and monitors will support the Video Graphics Array input.

Separate Video (S-Video) - This carries video feed however does not carry any audio signal on the same cable.

Best and most current connection is DVI, followed by VGA. The least desirable connection is the S-Video connection. Use the better quality or newer monitor with the DVI Port. This connection is only supported by the newer monitors so make sure to check to see if your 12 volt television has one. Use the older monitor the original on board VGA port. The technology is a little older but there should not be much difference in features and quality. To plug it in just fit the VGA Cable to the VGA Port and tighten the thumbscrews for until they are secure. Make sure that your monitors are on before is on so it has time to recognize the monitors and optimize settings for performance.

 After you have done this please make sure you have the most updated drivers installed on your computer. This will ensure the highest quality connection. Refer to your manufacturer for more details. When you have done this continue to the relevant section and follow those steps. This checklist was based on the Naxa NX-563.

Instructions for connecting your TV with a DVI Input

First identify the following:

a.       DVI output on your computer

b.      DVI input on your 12 Volt TV

c.       DVI Cable

Plug your DVI Cable into your Computers DVI Output and connect the other half to your 12 volt television. Change the twelve volt television to the setting required to receive the DVI Input. Make sure the DVI cable is properly connected. Right-Click on your desktop and choose 'Properties'. Select settings and choose the resolution you would like to display. Apply settings and save.

Instructions for connecting your Television with a VGA Input

First identify the following:

a.       VGA output on your computer

b.      VGA output on your television.

c.       VGA Cable

Connect your VGA cable and adjust the settings on your monitor to accept the VGA feed. Right-Click and got to properties -> settings. Select the desired resolution and apply changes.

How to Connect 2 Monitors at the same time

Most new computers with Windows XP allow for a function called Dual View. This will allow you to control two interfaces at the same time. Whether your job requires you to run to programs at the same time or you would like more room on your desktop, this function will make your life easier.

In order to do this you must first right-click your desktop and choose properties. In the settings tab, choose the Display Monitor. Then simply extend your desktop to 12 volt TV and you're good to go.

For more information about 12 Volt TV please visit our website. The procedures listed in this article were performed on the Naxa NX-563.


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