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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Keep the iPad Screen Clean

By Ed Raine

iPad is based on a touchscreen technology. That means that our fingers tap, slap, flick on its smooth face. If we want do that on normal glass, it will end being sticky, smeared and dingy from our hands. The iPad's surface has a special coating that repels the fingerprints. But this has its limits too. If your iPad gets dirty by, let's say ice-cream or chocolate, you must clean it with a softly lint-free cloth, like the one you use to clear your glasses. Under no circumstances you should use products like Windex, Formula 409, or everything that is based on alcohol, ammonia or scratching cleaning pads. These types of cleaning products will compromise the coating and will make it very difficult to use.

Take a light watered lint-free cloth and slowly wipe down the front and the sides of the iPad. Make sure that the device is not connected to a dock or a USB and be careful not to drop water into the openings like the dock connector or headphones jack. After you finish the cleaning with the water-damped cloth, take the same type of cloth, but this time make sure that it's a dry one.

The screen is resistant to scratches, but if you by accident drop it on a solid surface like concrete it may crack. If this thing happens and the screen or a chip is damaged, don't use the iPad or try to pry out the broken glass. It's recommended to go at the nearest authorized Apple service for repairs.

There is another solution for both situations - keep the iPad clean and protected in case that you drop or scratch it. The accessory dealers come with a bunch of solutions that range from all kind of stately leather portfolio models to a variety of colored rubber covers that have the purpose to protect your iPad from everything that could damage it (including the situation in which you keep your iPad in a shoulder bag among with car keys, glasses or credit cards).

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