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Monday, July 12, 2010

Audio conference call service and Web conference services: Benefit and Choosing the Service Tips

Audio conference call service and web conference services (webinar service) are current preferred meeting methods that replace many traditional face to face or in person meetings. Why?
Benefits of Audio conference call service
1. Save Significant Cost
·        You don't need to charge an expensive conference room or an equipment.
·        You can cut your travel budget, rental cars and lodge expenses. In 1998, MCI WorldCom Conferencing found that audio conference call service could save up to 90 percents traveling cost.
2. Save Incredible Amount of Time
·    Audio conference call can be organized in a short time without under pressure and urgency.
·        No more wasting time on hours of driving, traffic jams, delayed flights or overcrowded public transports. 
3. Effective Meetings and Flexible
·        You can meet all participants from worldwide at any time, without have to pre-book or leave your home office. It also suits for urgent or 'spontaneous' meeting.
4. Easy to use
You just need a cell phone or regular landline phone, no special equipment.
5. Audio Conference Recordings
You can record your audio conference call for review or later playback. It's also helpful for an absent participant.


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