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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Juvenile Light Emitting Diode Lighting Holds Great Expectations

By Ann Jone

As a new kind of light source which is energy saving and long-life, the light emitting diode has long drawn great attention. After the large-scale utilization of the light in the 2008 Olympics, which achieved great effect, the light emitting diode industry has obtained substantial support and a lot of demonstration zones have been established. At the same time, an increasing number of enterprises have set foot in this field and some even say that the light emitting diode is on the top of the world. Is it a real prosperity of the industry?

There is no industry that has been put great hopes than the one of the light emitting diode, but this is shortage of customer basis due to its slow development. A dangerous signal appears: companies have put the cost reduction on the first place. They also have the lighting current increased with the luminosity keeps steady, thus the number of wick will be reduced and the cost is able to saved. It is not good for the whole lighting industry.

There are some disadvantages for this kind of lighting. As is well known, the heat endurance of the light emitting diode is not very good and the current heat dissipation design does not meet the requirement in such a strict and high requiring field. As a result, a perfect method for both the heat dissipation and the weight has not been promoted yet. Then is the problem of its life-span. The wick life-span in the light reduces as temperature rises and half of life-span will be lost at the condition of the rise of electrolytic capacitor temperature.

By only replacing and imitating, the current light emitting diode market will not have space to develop. Some outstanding products must be invented and companies producing the product must be have the knowledge of the combination with the customer and the features of the light. That is the point that people pay little attention to. Related chip of the light emitting diode is: M54583P.

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