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Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to Create the New Autocorrect Entries for Faster Typing and Move Them to the New Computer?

In MS Word, Autocorrect is used to automatically correct the mistyped. For example, if you type "tahn" and press spacebar then it will be automatically changed become "than". 


Another helpful function of Autocorrect is for faster typing, in which you can input your own new entries to save your typing time. For example, you want to input "lms" for faster typing of "Learning Microsoft Word".


Here's how to do:

1. Click File, New Document

2. Type "Learning Microsoft Word" in the blank document

3. Highlight "Learning Microsoft Word"

4. Click Tools menu, select Autocorrect

  • In Replace box, type lms
  • Click Add button
  • Click OK

5. Type lms in your document and press spacebar then it will be automatically changed become "Learning Microsoft Word".


Don't create many autocorrect entries once but create a new entry every time you find the "new word entry" while typing a document, by highlighting the "new word entry" then click Tools, Autocorrect as above steps.


How to Move the Autocorrect Files to My New Computer?

If you just installed MS Word 2003 in your new computer, you will lose your autocorrect files that were stored in your old computer. You could be ask, "How to move the autocorrect files into my new computer without waste my time to re-enter the new entries?"


Here's how to do:

1. Open Windows Explorer and go to C:\

2. Press F3 button for searching files.

  • All or part of the file name: type *.acl
  • More advanced options: Check search system folders, Check search hidden files and folders, Check search subfolders
  • Click Search button

3. Then you see all .acl files in the same directory, i.e. C:\Documents and Settings\User_Account\Application Data\Microsoft\Office


User_Account is just example for your user account. Usually people use their name as user account.


4. Copy your autocorrect files to your flash disk.

  • Press Ctrl+A  to select all .acl files in the search result.
  • Press Ctrl+C to copy
  • Create the new folder in your flash disk to easier find out your autocorrect files, as follows:
    • Go to flashdisk directory. For example: G:\
    • Then Click File, New Folder, type Old Autocorrect Files as the folder name.
  • Press Ctrl+V to paste the autocorrect files into flash disk.

5. Copy your autocorrect files from flash disk to your new computer:

  • In your new computer, plug your flash disk
  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Go to the flash disk directory, for example: G:\ 
  • Go to Old Autocorrect Files folder
  • Press Ctrl+A to select all .acl files
  • Press Ctrl+C to copy
  • Go to autocorrect folder: C:\Documents and Settings\User_Account\Application Data\Microsoft\Office
  • Press Ctrl+V to paste

6. Now try it in your new computer.

  • In a new Word document, type several autocorrect entries that were stored in your old computer.
  • For example, lms and press spacebar then it will be automatically changed become "Learning Microsoft Word".

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