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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Upcoming TouchBook From Always Innovating - Unlike Any Other Mobile Computer on the Market

By Nikki Sampson

At first glance, the TouchBook from Always Innovating looks like just another netbook. When you take a closer look at the specs it looks a lot like a scaled up iPod touch. In reality, the TouchBook does take elements from both the standard netbook and the iPod touch but it still maintains unique features of its own.

It's easy to think of the TouchBook as a netbook. Although the TouchBook works in multiple form factors, one of them is the tiny notebook style of the netbook. Also, like many other netbooks available, the TouchBook sports an 8.9 inch screen and weighs around two pounds. The price is also in netbook range at $399 for both the tablet and the keyboard.

Did you catch that the keyboard is a separate piece? Without the keyboard the TouchBook is a touchscreen tablet computer. When you look at the specs it looks alot like another touchscreen computer: the iPod touch. The ARM processor, 3D accelerometer, and the fact that the TouchBook can actually run iPhone games make it easy to see the similarity of the two devices.

You can probably see now that the TouchBook looks like a few other computers that are available today. However, it is the unique features of the TouchBook that are exciting to see. Here are some features that sets the TouchBook apart from the rest:

  • Always Innovating is claiming 10 to 15 hours of battery life. This is because the TouchBook has two batteries, one in the keyboard and one in the tablet.
  • Completely open hardware and software. The TouchBook comes with two operating systems, one for when the keyboard is attached and one for tablet mode. The TouchBook is also capable of running other operating systems like Android.
  • No fans, no heat, and always on.
  • A total of 6 USB ports including internal ones. The internal USB ports will be great for dongles that would otherwise be in the way.
  • Multi-form factor: With both pieces attached the tablet can be folded over the back side of the keyboard. You can also fold it back into an inverted "v" and stand it up. The tablet part is also magnetized so you can stick it up on the fridge or other magnetic surface.

On its website, Always Innovating calls the touch book a "laptop computer, handheld game device, e-book reader and video player" in one. I'm really excited about the release of the TouchBook and I can't wait to see what this computer is ultimately capable of.

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