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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Safety Precautions of a Good Licensed Electrician

By Bryan A Romanow

Many people think that being an electrician is a dangerous job. Well in fact being an electrician is second only to being a crew member on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. Just kidding, but it is one of those jobs that have an inherent danger. There is a danger just by the nature of the work. Any time you are working with a potential of thousands of volts of electricity flowing through your body, your job is considered dangerous. However there are safety practices that every good licensed electrician follows and these safety procedures daily keep electricians safe.

OSHA and New Jersey electrician laws actually help electricians to start safe and end safe. There are basic "recommended work practices" that bring a measure of safety to any job site. Procedures and guidelines that have been established from much experience and concentrated expertness are designed with safety in mind. There is safety when guidelines and standards are followed. Many problems occur when we stray from what we know to do. Newbies generally follow guidelines to the letter because the have a respect for Electricity. Once a person feels that they are a veteran electrician, this can become a problem if a person starts taking short cuts.

Do not work in unsafe conditions. Do not let a supervisor's or employer's intimidations cause you to work in an environment that is clearly unsafe. You are too valuable. If something tragic happens to you, then that paycheck is not going to mean anything. So, before any work is done on a job, make sure that the environment is safe and that the tools are correct for the job at hand and that they are well maintained. Remember, do not take short cuts.

How do you avoid electrical shock? You avoid electrical shock through prevention, prevention, prevention. Prevention is a key that will save your life. Have a respect for the voltage and thoroughly learning the principles of electricity will keep you safe. The apprenticeship practice as an NJ Electrician in training is a safety precaution and opportunity to truly learn the trade. That is your time to ask questions and to rely on the experience of your mentor. Always ensure that you do not take any chances or short cuts. It may seem quicker to take a short cut but in the end it could cost you time, health and money.

Take the time to ensure that your environment is safe and that you are taking every precaution by following guidelines and procedures and check your tools to see if the are in good working order.

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