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Monday, June 29, 2009

How Can We Defrag Our Computer - Frustrated From Its Slow Processing?

By Danish Muzaffar

When my computer gets slow sometimes, I wonder even after uninstalling the irrelevant programs, my PC is performing at a slow pace.

Actually when we install some programs in our PC, then after some time we uninstall them, there are some spaces left in our hard disk. These spaces are provided with memory block by your PC and rest spaces are scattered around. So when ever you need to install or use any program, your pc takes a lot of time to search through scattered memory blocks. This results in the slow reaction of your computer.
After Defragmentation, you will surely feel the dash drive in your computer.

All the blocks are removed, for performance; it doesn't need to search through all the entire drive.

The performance of your computer becomes optimal and efficient after Defragmentation.

Defrag your computer twice a month for best possible results.

So how you defrag you computer, here are some simple steps for you. Follow them and get a smart life along with your computer.

Make sure that you are logged on through administrator access.

After logging in, you can easily reach the disk Defragmentation tool in system tools. How you find this tool?

Simply click start button then you find all the programs and finally in accessories, you can find the system tools to reach defragmenting tool.

Once you start the process you will all the required drives for Defragmentation. By clicking the Defragmentation button you can defrag the drive.

Through status bar button, you can also monitor the process step by step.

When the red lines which are representing the fragmented files are finished then defragmenting is done. The only files left on the computer are represented by blue color.

You will also be notified by a pop up window when the process is completed.

After the completion of the process, you will close the disk defragmenting tool.

I hope by following these tips, you will regularly maintain your computer. Enjoy computing smoothly and efficiently


kramer said...

The easiest and most effortless way to defrag is to set Diskeeper to defragment in the realtime background mode. Its the best defragger I have used.

Yen Yen said...