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Monday, June 15, 2009

Start a Luminescent Business

By Igor Kovalev

In May 2008 a company that sells a material which glows in the dark after being exposed to natural or artificial light has been opened in Russia. It is a fine-grained non-flammable powder, and does not contain any radioactive isotopes. It is completely safe. It is luminophore.

In daylight, luminophore applied to exterior surfaces has a greenish-yellow shade. In the dark, it glows light green. The length of time that the surface glows is governed by two factors: 1) how long the paint is exposed to a light source; and 2) how strong the light source is. The material can be charged by any light source: the sun, ordinary electric spindle lamps, mercury arc lamps, florescent lamps, ultraviolet and the like.

Besides, luminophore has a wide range of uses, such as auto-tuning, architectural design, information systems, fabric, cosmetics and even flowers. For example, it can be used in auto-tuning (aerography on the car body, painted wheel rims, hub-caps, license plate and bumper guard). The usage of the afterglow effect in this sphere is a very promising trend. Car-tuning enthusiasts highly value the idea of creating luminescent rims, as well as the opportunity to have a unique design on the body of their car. These features, which are at least, if not best, viewed at night, are very appealing.

Moreover, it is a new technology for architectural design (luminescence for external and internal night club, bar and cafe veneer, as well as residential interiors). The usage of luminophore's properties in interior design is a very interesting option, as the results are only limited by your imagination. Many surfaces can be lent this luminescent effect: metal, wood, brick, concrete sand, cement, fa├žade tiles, gypsum board, polystyrene and others. Artificial and natural decorative stones also look very impressive. Making patterns and paintings on the walls and ceilings of the interior, as well as detailing furniture (chairs, tables and bars) is also possible. In addition, you can create a "starry sky" on your bedroom ceiling, luminescent patterns on the baseboard and doorframe floor molding and cues on electric switches, etc.

You can use luminophore in information systems as well ("highlighting" indicators, the exterior of advertising vehicles, information signs, and building exteriors. This option also allows you to save on energy consumption).

Luminophore is safe, and therefore can be used even in close contact with skin. Designs applied to fabric by means of screen-printing will be visible in the daytime (the colour is a pale yellow-green) and will shine brightly under weak light or even in its absence. Such designs keep their integrity after many washes. It can be also used in cosmetics (nail polish, eye-shadow, etc).

This extraordinary material can produce a luminescent effect for live flowers. The material is absolutely safe, and as such, the cut flower does not wither more quickly from the application of luminophore. It retains its natural beauty during the day, and is transformed into a luminescent wonder at night.

Luminophore is used in combination with a lacquer. The lacquer that you use should be appropriate for the type of material you wish to paint: for metal, wood, plastic and the like. This product is sold all over Russia and in CIS countries. Nowadays we want to offer this material to European customers.

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