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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Profit Boost by Exploring Your Business Opportunities

By Jaxky Lim

We can not afford to do everything ourselves. The same thing applies for our business.

We need suppliers, we need customers, we need sales persons, marketing people, designers, project managers, advertising, promotions, business partners, you name it.

But we need something else, we need great business strategy if we want to increase our profits.

Many business strategies can be found in seminars, business gatherings or other meetings. It can also be found in family gatherings,

you can even get business strategy from your relatives or your friends.

But if you can not find them then you can start to create them yourself. How? With creativity.

Here are some of the strategies I have learned and I believe will be very useful for all of us.

One way to maximize your profits is to find a partner who do business that complement your business.

For example; you are a company that print books and other paper media, you can find partner who supplies book covers and you can bundle your books with his book covers.

We can have several situation to be creatively explored here.

One, your customer can get their books protected and covered with small additions of price, that is an extra profit for you.

Two, you can give them the covers for free as a gift (as your extra service) for them. That way you stand out from your competitors.

Three, you ask your customers the books they are planning to print in the upcoming weeks or months and make agreement with them, if they

are willing to promise to print their books with you, you can get the supplies now with cheaper price and that way you can give them

lower cost services for their future books. With the method you can get more future revenues.

Four, you can make agreement with them to make you as their affiliates. You can offer their books to your other customers with cross selling method. Cross selling means you offer your customer A the books that is printed by customer B. You earned a commission for each books sold through you.

Five, you can approach the book covers company to give you their customers list so you can offer them your printing service, that is another extra revenue potential for you.

Six, you approach your customers and your business partners and do step one to five with each of them.

If you do those steps mentioned above, I guarantee you will boost your profits in no time.

Jaxky Lim wants to share his knowledge about wealth building. Based on real life experiences and lessons from his respected friends and life teachers. is created to share those resources so others around the world can benefit from it.

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