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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The HP 14-C010US Chromebook Pavilion

By Allan Esposo

The HP 14-C010US Chromebook Pavilion - the Ideal Device for Multimedia Devotees

Chromebooks have been around now for quite a time. Although it is far from rare, some devices are designed to provide with the quality Chrome OS experience, and one of these is the HP Pavilion 14-c010us Chromebook - or simply known as the "Chromebook Pavilion".

One interesting fact about the pavilion is that it makes history for having the largest screen display for a Chromebook to have: 14 inches. This gives a full-size Chrome experience with matching comfort and mobility. The device uses Intel® Celeron® 847 (1.1 GHz) as processor. It comes with a solid state drive for faster boot-up and performance, and cloud storage for multimedia files and documents.

What makes HP Pavilion more interesting is that its owners have control over its hidden advantages that could benefit their needs and desires. Once they have the Chromebook, owners have the following perks that are intended for web devotees and avid multimedia users.

Make the home a theater

The Chromebook Pavilion is capable of delivering high definition content, enabling users to view and access multimedia content in full detail. Its wide 14-inch display gives a hand in better viewing experience, so viewing high-quality graphics, vivid and vibrant colors and sharp text becomes a lot easier. Hence, it can turn a user's home into a theater, as the Pavilion serves as an ideal platform for watching one's favorite movies in high definition format - so long as they accessing cloud storage (to be discussed later in the article) through the device.

Carry it anywhere

Despite its wide screen display, users have ease of mobility because of its seamlessly slim and avant-garde design. The device measures 0.83 inch thin, complimenting with its weight of 3.96 lb (1.8 kg) - light enough for users to take the Pavilion anywhere they want.

Experience Chrome OS

The Pavilion runs in the rare Google-owned operating system, Chrome OS. The system itself automatically updates from time to time, so apps and products are kept up-to-date. Users won't have to move a finger and they get to make the most out of Chrome.

Instant access to media

HP's Chromebook Pavilion enables users to have instant access to various forms of multimedia such as photos, music, videos and apps, thanks to cloud storage and SSD which gives sufficient storage to such files. Should they have their own USB flash disks or memory cards/sticks, Pavilion users can get even more with the multiple ports (1 HDMI, 3 USB, and 1 multi-format card reader) provided by the device.

Stay connected

As soon as the device connects to the internet, email, tweets, status updates and calendar events are automatically updated. Users therefore won't have to miss any event or appointment, or otherwise keep updated with what is happening with their friends or relatives - only because it is already there. With a built-in HD web camera, users also have the chance to look their best when faced with their loved ones from abroad.

Stay safe

Antivirus software is built in to the system, protecting the device from viruses, malware, and malicious threats.

Web surfing without the wait

Along with a dual core processor that enables high-speed performance, internet surfing in the HP Pavilion Chromebook has never been this fast. Web pages load at tremendous speeds, and file downloads finish in little time. With just a click on the Google Chrome browser, so long as the internet provider also has a fast connectivity rate, users won't have to wait.

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