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Friday, February 21, 2014

Learning the Importance of a Pizza Point of Sale System As Seen From a Pizza Delivery Business

By Herry M Johnson

Many people looking for restaurant delivery software do not seem to realize that a Pizza delivery business needs a unique POS system. The complexity of the operations of such businesses cannot be handled by a simple point of sale software. It is important to look at why the pizza business needs a completely different configuration, in order to appreciate the importance of a custom configuration.

Complex Delivery

One of the most complex problems that you will have to deal with is the delivery system. Unlike in an ordinary restaurant or a quick service outlet, the order comes in a number of different ways.

People may call via their mobile phones, make orders online, or simply walk into the restaurant. The system must reconcile all the different ways orders are received into one comprehensive configuration. Failure to do this, a lot of confusion will arise.

Another thing about the orders is that they may be made to be received at different periods of time. Most of those making the orders from the pizza point of sale at the counter, want to receive the orders immediately. Those making the orders from the mobile phone or the internet may want the delivered at a later date.

Payment Systems

The customer may pay immediately or on delivery. The use of mobile phones and the internet means that the credit card payments are received through a number of different sources. An ordinary restaurant delivery software application may not be able to handle all these complexities.

An additional complexity to the business could be the process where people choose different types of pizzas with different ingredients. This can complicate how orders are made to the kitchen as well as how payments are done.

Importance of Custom Made Systems

Needless to say the configuration must take into consideration all these complexities. The first point to consider is a clear order and delivery system. If this fails, then the entire business will struggle to keep records or even know when to prepare for more orders. Some solutions may even include mapping and areas pizzas will be delivered.

The important lesson that small businesses can learn is that not all solutions are the same. Choosing the right solution goes beyond looking for a suitable point of sale hardware. You need to understand your business and the need for a good Pizza POS. Then you may determine if a custom made configuration is suitable for it.

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