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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Host Safe and Effective Online Meetings With WebEx 8

By Andy K Jacobs

If you haven't yet begun employing conferencing services, you're working too hard.

It's simple, online conferencing saves companies time and money (and employees their sanity) by eliminating the need for costly business travel. With online conferencing solutions, your entire meeting process is streamlined and simplified.

WebEx aims to make online conferencing effective and available to businesses of all sizes, from the largest corporations to the smallest at-home start-ups. Its newest solution, WebEx 8, allows you to host up to 7 other participants for one low price - and with all of the powerful features and functionality that WebEx has to offer.

WebEx 8 includes:

  • Outlook integration - it's easy to assimilate your daily tools with WebEx 8; with Outlook integration offering easy email access and visibility on your employee's calendars, scheduling a WebEx meeting is simple and straight-forward

  • High-class video - give your meetings an in-person feel by incorporating webcams, so your participants have the ability to see who they are talking to. While they are optional, much of what we say comes not just from our words, but also from our body language, and having the ability to read both during an online meeting will give you and your employees a huge leg-up in any conferencing situation

  • Sharing - whether it's only a single file or your entire desktop, sharing within WebEx 8 is a piece of cake. The WebEx sharing feature speeds up your communication while streamlining your collaboration, making working or conducting presentations with your team (wherever they are) painless

  • Record your meeting - WebEx 8 lets you record your meeting, which comes in handy for multiple reasons. For example, recorded sessions can be used for training purposes, to catch sick employees up on what they have missed, they can be posted to your website for current and potential customers to view and they can also be used as an aid in information retention

In addition, WebEx 8 provides the added convenience of WebEx Mobile, which allows both the host and the participants to utilize the free mobile application to attend an online WebEx conference.

If you have been considering the idea of employing an online conferencing solution to change the way you and your company do business, now is the time to explore all of what WebEx 8 has to offer. Give one of our professional account managers a call today to learn more about what it can offer you!

Andy Jacobs
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