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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Want to Test Drive an Apple iPad? We Show You How

By Clare Swindlehurst

The Apple iPad is the newest and hottest gadget on the block right now. If you want a handheld device that lets you play games, surf the net, watch movies and listen to music then you can't go wrong with Apple's newest offering. But what if you don't have $500 to spare right now? Well, the answer is a free iPad!

Many people are suspicious of freebies these days as they've been conditioned to think that there is some sort of catch involved. The fact is that when a company releases a new product they need people to test it, play with it and then give their opinion of it. This is how companies market their products, by building a buzz, and the best way to do that is to give people like you a free copy of the product to test out.

Apple could spend thousands of dollars on advertising the product, or they could just give you a free copy and let you do the advertising for them. If you love the product (and admit it, what's not to love?) then you'll tell your friends about it, you might even talk about it on Facebook or write a post about it on your blog. The truth is that word of mouth marketing is so much more powerful than any TV or magazine advertising, so you're doing Apple a favour.

You see, by giving away a number of products to people like you Apple can have their products tested by the man on the street without actually spending any money on research. It's really quite clever if you think about it. You feel privileged to get something for nothing and the company benefits from the exchange too.

What's more every time they give away a product as amazing as the iPad they actually gain a new lifetime customer. Trust me, once you have one Apple product you'll never go back to the pale imitations. I started my relationship with Apple by buying an iMac, then I just had to have an iPhone and now I dream about iPads. So you get a free product and Apple gets free advertising and you as a customer for life. Everyone wins.

The only downside is that the free versions of these products are only available during the launch phase, which means if you want one you have to act quickly before all of the review copies have been snapped up. There are a number of websites online offering free iPads for testing so you need to make sure that you only sign up at the legitimate sites. If you are asked for money in exchange for your free iPad then walk away as it's most likely a scam.

If you want to test out this fantastic new product and then get to keep it (and be the envy of all of your friends) then you should click here to grab your free Apple iPad now!

You can test a brand new iPad and keep it without spending a penny by visiting

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