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Friday, April 23, 2010

000-430 IBM Tivoli Netcool Service Quality Manager

By John Michals

The IBM Tivoli Netcool Service Quality Manager is one of the certifications offered by IBM. The examination code is 000-430. There are many companies that are looking to make it big and they need professionals that do not need spoon feeding and they can work on their own and produce the results expected of them. The certifications from IBM are well known and they are respected around the world. This is because the certifications cannot be achieved easily and the professional would have to work hard for it. The certification is given to those who have actual knowledge and also efficiency.

The purpose of the IBM Tivoli Netcool Service Quality Manager is to provide the best quality of products and requirements asked by the client. The professional would develop skills in areas like planning, installation, configuration, administration, performance tuning and problem detection. These are the skills required for efficient working and output.

In order to pass the 000-430 examination you would need to answer 69 questions. The time allotted would be 75 minutes and the passing percentage required is 67%. If you would think about passing then the score would look impossible but if you would look to score high in the examination then passing would not be a concern.

Some would be for the starting of the course, some would concentrate on certain subjects and some would be self paced. In the self paced programs you can learn about the topics with the help of material and tutorials. You can learn whenever you find free time and whenever you feel like learning. You can concentrate on the topics you want more and the topics you already are familiar with can be gone through easily. So, make sure that you perform well in the 000-430 examination and get more information on IBM website.

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