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Monday, April 5, 2010

Noise Cancelling Report - Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones Review

By Shannon Garner

The Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones is just plain better when you are talking about headphones. The belief is that when you have a larger pair of headphones that fully covers and isolates your ears. The Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones will give you something new to think about. Now pay close attention to this new line of thought: Tiny is better.

Shure has figured out a way to fit in dual-driver speakers into the tiny earphones that will keep you from hearing just about all the noise in the background. If you are ok with looking like a secret service agent, and you don't mind spending more on your earphones than you would an ipod, the Shure E5c's will not let you down. You really do get what you pay for with this amazing design.

Even though the E5c earbuds are bigger than other earbuds that you have seen, they are still amazingly small. The cord that comes with it has a inline crossover that separates the low and high frequency signals. Also included is a bendable stiffening material inside the cable that goes behind your ears, which allows you to loop the cables over and behind your ears which lets you listen to your music discreetly.

Another great feature of these Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones is that they are very light and low profile. You can fold them up into a small carrying case which makes these earphones easy for you to carry around.

The input connector has a low profile elbow bend to prevent accidental unplugging and snags. Shure also has put in a detachable in-line volume attenuator which lets you control the volume without having to mess your MP3 player or listening device.

The attenuator is a bit bigger than it needs to be and, because it is not directly built into the e5c cord, you will need to plug it in at the end of the cord. In order to try and match he earphones to ears of all different shapes and sizes, the Shure E5c Sound Isolating Earphones comes with several earplug "sleeves" which are called a "fit kit". Our testers had a bit of trouble finding a sleeve that felt comfortable. The most comfortable ones were the expanding foam sleeves that expand to fit into the contours of the ear canal.

Let's take a look at all the earphone features.

Hear only what you want to with the Sound Isolating in-ear design
very lightweight and portable design - only weighing 1.1 ounce
Dual high-energy micro in-ear speakers
In-Line Crossover to enhance a studio quality sound


1. Compact and Simple design
2. Designed for compatibility with almost all ears
3. Get ready to get lost in sonic bliss


1. It does cost more than most things that it plugs into
2. It could be a bit too big for small ears
3. The volume attenuator could be somewhat better designed and integrated

Overall, for the price that they charge for these, you will find no better earphones. Sure there are better ones out there, but you will have to pay a lot more for just a slight increase in capabilities.

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