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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Danger Zone in Red, Green and Blue Lasers

By Adam Garnett

Some lasers are not the average laser pointers that can be found at any regular electronics store. They can burn dark roles, dark objects, melt plastics, pop balloons, light matches, open bar fragile materials and some can even light cigarettes. Some laser pointers offer power up to 700mW. These lasers are the most powerful in the world and so close to a real life thing to know that there laser.

Pointers with high power laser

In recent years, high power lasers have emerged in the consumer market from the military and specialty applications investigating a series of specialized suppliers. These pointers high power laser can easily exceed several hundred milliseconds-watt output power. They are generally classified as Class IIIb lasers. Although laser enthusiasts still take them as "pointers", true high-power portable lasers - far more capable than the average laser pen key chains (under 5mW) that can be found anywhere.

Green laser pointers

The green lasers are renowned for their small beam diameter and high output power. With the inherent human sensitivity to green, the green laser pointers laser beams creates more powerful and brighter than can be seen anywhere. These beams carry the destructive power so great that almost any object passing through fusible and flammable. They also travel tens and hundreds of miles in the dark. Exceptional power, energy beam of high intensity and super long distance, all these create a pheromone seen only in science fiction movies. Because of these characteristics, these lasers are commonly used by astronomers to study the stars because they usually can visually see the stars coming from the perspective here. It is often also seen in U.S. military operations to disorient and intimidate the enemy, due to its unique beam qualities and highly durable construction.

Because of these features, these lasers are best used by astronomers to study stars for they can often be seen visually reaching the stars from the prospective of a behold. They are often seen in U.S. military operations to disorient and intimidate the enemy as well due to their exceptional qualities and highly durable beam constructions.

Red laser pointers

The red laser pens drive higher output power on red laser pointers. They are exceptionally suitable for burning and offer prices. These red pointer pens can point to a point a hundred miles away and burn, cut and sweep the plastic like their green counterparts. They constantly shed their laser pointer 5mW average over 50x in terms of range, energy to burn and durability.

Blue laser pointers

The blue laser technology is still in its adolescent stage. Since it is very start, is dedicated to developing and marketing this new laser technology and challenging.

Our series is one of the few blue lasers pointer pen with beams more powerful than you can find anywhere in the universe of blue laser.

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