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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New iPod Video - And All Its Great Advantages and Benefits

By Ernesto Maitim

The new iPod video has a number of great advantages and benefits. First of all is the quality of the images, which is very clear and detailed. Even the text images are also very vivid. However, the real use of the new device for some critic can be confusing. However, many say that while you find that there is a degree of convenience and enjoyment of watching shows and video on the new iPod video, the device is actually really meant for listening. For how else can you watch a show while on a physical activity such as brisk walking or running?

Critics also state that people love to watch move on the wide screen. The idea of the new iPod video definitely offers limits in watching movies and TV shows. Another disadvantage of the new iPod model is that it turns off after 2 playing hours, which is almost a bane to those who love watching lengthy movies. However, the iPod is certainly the best way to while away the time while traveling or waiting in line.

On the bright side, the new iPod video is certainly not only about watching videos or shows. Albeit the battery works for short 2 hours when watching a show, the battery life is actually 20 long hours which used for music listening, compared to the 16 hours for the last iPod model.

The new iPod video likewise boast of the biggest color screen, and such can be utilized for easy viewing of photos, aside of course from video and show watching. There is also a marked increase in the clearness of the text. Likewise, new iPod video offers full sized photo thumbnails.

The latest iPod video model shows that the constant evolution of this product means that the Apple company is giving its best to provide satisfaction to the needs of the consumers. This being said, expect more changes and improvements on this iPod model, especially on the areas of accessories and video settings.

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