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Monday, May 25, 2009

Can You Get Free Internet on the Sciphone (The CECT i68)?

By Rae Edwards

The other day, someone emailed me and asked if it was possible to get free Internet or web use for free on the CECT i68 (SciPhone).  This person stated "I have heard that if you install opera mini via Java than you can get online for free."  I'll tell you my response in the following article.

Opera Mini Is A Free Web Browser, But The Internet Isn't Necessarily Included: It doesn't cost you anything to download opera mini onto the SciPhone. This phone supports Java so all you have to do is go to the get jar or opera mini websites and download the browser onto the phone.  It is a great browser because it shrinks the information down so that the whole page fits on the phone.  You're using less KB of data, so this does save some money.  But, in order for the browser to work, you must have a data or web plan from your network.  Whether this is free or not depends upon the deal that you have with your carrier. Some will include this as part of a package.

Getting Data And Setting Up The Internet:  Even if you have a pre paid or pay as you go sim, you can almost always add data or web use onto it for not too much money. For example, GoPhone offers 1MB of data for only $4.99.  You basically have to call 611 and add this, buy a MB card at any store, or log on to the company's website and follow the directions for media net.  You can also find prepaid sim cards that sometimes include unlimited data and sometimes even unlimited minutes and text.  This cards are around $25.  No, $4.99 or $25 isn't free, but it isn't a lot of money either.

Once you've obtained web use onto your sim, you should be good to go if your data and web settings are already pointed to the carrier that you are using.  If they are not, you can either get these from your carrier or you can find many folks who can provide these.  There is even software that will place this on your phone without you needing to do all that much, and these often run for under $2 -$5.  (If you are using opera mini, you'll also need to reset the java settings to correspond with your carrier.)

The bottom line is that although getting on the web isn't necessarily free, it can be had for very low cost.  And it's shame not to take advantage of getting online on the SciPhone because the very large flat screen often allows you to see the whole page of a site that you'd maybe see only half of if you were using another phone.  And the finger touch interface makes moving around / scrolling along the page very easy and intuitive.  I like that you don't have to have a contract with this phone because this allows you to only add web usage when you need it and to only buy as much as you need which keeps your overall cost down and predictable.

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