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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Belkin Flythru Laptop Case

By Mark Hallwood

Belkin introduced the Belkin Flythru laptop case 15.4 inch as one of it's checkpoint friendly TSA-approved Laptop Carrying Cases, which means you no longer need to remove your laptop from your bag when at the airport screening area. If you often fly when you're traveling, you are very familiar with having to unpack your computer from the bag, separating it and putting it back together. Well with this bag those hassles are a thing of the past!

Belkins FlyThru has an intelligent design that keeps your laptop separated and secured for easy screening. The Belkin Flythru has secure compartments to organize your accessories. The Belkin Flythru is designed with minimal metal zippers for screening clarity and is Durable with ample storage room for your mobile computer.

With the Belking FlyThru you don't have to take your notebook out of the bag in the security line anymore. The Belkin FlyThru secures your computer to the side of the case, which allows screening agents to identify your notebook through a see through window. The Belkin FlyThru adheres to TSA guidelines to ensure you pass-through security as quick as possible. The Belkin FlyThru has superior design with strategically placed zippers and handles that allow you to quickly grab you bag after screening and head towards your gate

With the Flythru laptop case your notebooks accessories are kept systematized and protected on the opposite side of the bag from your laptop, allowing you get through security screening swiftly. The TSA checkpoint screeners can scan your case while your computer and additional items are organized and safe inside.

The FlyThru laptop case (F8N094) is well designed and vary durable. This case is a quality case for the price and a must buy for all people looking to avoid security delays. The Belkin FlyThur laptop case fits almost all laptops up to 15 inches.

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