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Sunday, May 3, 2009

4 Important Tips to a Brother Toner Refill Kit Purchase

By Steve Maul

You've heard it all! And over thousands of ad pages on the Internet are inviting you to sample every bit of refill toner product and take advantage of its low-cost pricing. Sounds interesting! But sadly, no one has ever told you how to weave through thousands of toner ads and select the product that would truly give you the best value for your money.

So how exactly do you shop for a toner refill kit? If you intend to use a third party refill toner such as the Brother TN-360 toner refill kit, we are providing in the proceeding paragraphs a few tips that would help you close in on that purchase.

Buy from a manufacturer, not just a vendor. Don't purchase your refill kit from a mere vendor. It most cases, they have limited knowledge about the product and are bound to re-echo only the specifications provided on the package. Meanwhile, a manufacturer would have a hand from the product's engineering to its processing and then packaging; so that they would be able to give you an accurate overview on how to use the product efficiently and would be all throughout conscious about giving you a quality refill toner that is compatible with your toner cartridge.

Get in touch with the manufacturer. Avoid placing an order with online stores that you can't contact for any inquiries, before and after the purchase. A legitimate manufacturer would have in operation a reliable customer service hotline that can be accessed for after sales inquiry or troubleshooting concern. A fly by night vendor wouldn't even extend to you the benefit of a returning a purchase in case toner quality falters and might even end up unreachable after the item has been delivered to you. A repeat purchase is typical after the first refill so as much as possible, go for a seller that you can get in touch with and would be willing to foster a long term relationship with you.

Be Gram-Weight Conscious. Inquire about the weight of the bottled toner powder supplied with the kit. You should be getting as much gram load from a brother toner refill kit as the OEM toner and perhaps a little extra. Remember that gram weight determines the yield expected from a toner product. A Brother TN-360 toner cartridge has a specified yield of up to 6700 pages at 5% page coverage. You should be getting as much pages of output from the Brother toner refill kit given the same loading.

Confirm the contents of the kit. Prior to the purchase, make inquiries about what you'll get out of the box. Typical items supplied with the kit include a bottle of fresh toner powder, a funnel cap, lint-free cloth, a pair of latex-free gloves and an instructional material. Likewise ascertain if you will be required to purchase separately a refilling tool or a reset gear (if you intend to refill a starter cartridge).

For best print quality results, get your toner refill kit from a manufacturer with over 10 years of solid experience in the toner cartridge remanufacturing industry. This way, you can be assured of quality toner refill products that are retailed at affordable prices only.

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