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Friday, January 23, 2009

Money Making Scams - Avoid 5 Internet Money Making Scams

By Kok Choon Kow

There are many Internet business opportunities available online, and the scams follows them around! In this article, I will help you identify the 5 common money making scams that most of the online business newbie always fell into.

Scam #1 - Get Rich Quick Scheme.

Many program, e-books, video courses claimed to help people get rich quick, and I assure you these are scams in some ways... Just ignore them and learn the proper way to make money online - Internet marketing!

Scam #2 - You Can Make Money Easily.

Anything that claimed to be easy is already or eventually will be crowded with people, only the hard way that most people ignore will let you make money easily! Most people think making money online is very easy, and eventually they gave up trying due to wrong expectation!

Scam #3 - Pyramid Scheme.

Any Multi-level marketing with more than 2 levels, in my dictionary is scam! Customer will need to pay more to sustain the commissions, I don't like too many levels scheme, they don't focus on providing a good product and services.

Scam #4 - Pay To Join Affiliate Program.

Some affiliate program claim that they can make you tons of money, but requires you to purchase their product or charge a sign up fees. My suggestion: ignore them! A good affiliate product and service will NEVER ask their affiliate to pay money before they earn!

Scam #5 - You Don't Have To Know Marketing.

Some how I heard someone saying: You don't have to know marketing to be successful online...Ignore them, because you need to know everything about online marketing before you can earn enough money to sustain your life!

These are the most common money making scams, you must be able to identify and avoid them before you can build a successful online business!

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