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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Buy Dell Inspiron 1525

By Pooja Kumari Lapasia

For those who prefer performance over everything else, Dell Inspiron 1525 is the perfect choice amongst laptops available today. Dell Inspiron 1525 succeeds its cousin, Inspiron 1520, just after 6 months of the latter's launch, of course with advanced features and a more promising performance. Now that's called competing with oneself!

The new Dell Inspiron 1525 is lighter in weight (about a half pound lighter than Inspiron 1520), has a sleeker body (about 25% smaller than Inspiron 1520) and has added features. So if you thought small is the word for Laptops, and if you have been a great fan of Dell XPS M1530, you would be in for a surprise; Dell Inspiron 1525 is smaller at 9.8 x 13.9 x 1.4 inches. The color options provided with Inspiron 1520 - jet black, ruby red, sunshine yellow, espresso brown and alpine white.

The multimedia experience becomes richer with 15.4 inch widescreen and D-SLR camera. HDMI port allows your laptop to connect to a bigger display, a feature unique and exclusive to Inspiron 1525 as compared to other Inspirons. Dell Inspiron 1525 has 4 USB ports and a fire wire port, good to take care of the peripherils and gizmos. One of the features, Dell offers a cellular modem to keep you connected even on the move. With Inspiron 1525, choices are available in Verizon's, Sprint's EV-DO Rev A and AT&T's HSDPA modems, wherein you can choose if you have a preference in modems. A 2 megapixel camera on the screen adds to your internet experience.

Dell never disappoints with the processor options. And the beauty is that no matter what processor you choose, there will never be a performance mismatch. Since this system has Windows Vista Home Premium loaded, a RAM of less than 2 GB would not let the system perform to its optimum performance level. The battery life is again an added boon with approximately 4 hours of runtime.

The best part about buying a Dell is that it can be customized to the minutest of the details. So if you do not prefer the glossy screen you can opt for the standard anti glare screen. And for a little added cost you can get a color of you preference, Bluetooth, built-in wireless, integrated mobile broadband card including others.

The only drawback with the Dell Inspiron 1525 is that for the slimmer look, it had to give away the dedicated video card.

Which means that with an Intel Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 (without a dedicated video card option), the usage gets limited to 2D applications.

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Adelante4 said...

The Dell Insipron 15 is an amazing laptop for those on a budget. Not only does it include some pretty impressive specs but it's comparatively cheap too. Dell have outdone themselves with this one!

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