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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Budget GPS Navigator - TomTom One 130S

Packed with some high end features, the TomTom One 130S is a budget GPS Navigator. The screen size is 3.5" only but the features it has truly compensate for it. It comes fitted with a folding mounting system to easily carry it along. It scores a point above the TomTom One 130 GPS with it's text to speech direction feature. As a valuable addon, you can download and install alternative funny GPS voices.

This could be the GPS navigator you are looking for in a budget as it's prices at $200+. With a large and powerful speaker to give you complete clarity it has an automatic volume leveler to adjust the background noises. It is compatible for receiving realtime traffic detection and avoidance data.

The Easyport mount of the TomTom One 130S allows you to easily plug it off from your windshield and put it in your pocket, bag or glove box. The mount folds neatly into the back of the GPS device. A USB car charger is provided for charging on the road and a USB data cable is for connecting it to your PC or laptop to do map and voice updates. An automatic day/night back light and color display mode helps you view the display screen at anytime.

The rest are standard features like POIs found in a GPS navigator. The TomTom One 130S is a strong contender for gifting a GPS unit to yourself or to someone special at a budget price.If price is a issue this might be the one.

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