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Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Canon 400D Vs the Canon 300D Vs the Canon Rebel

By Chris Campbell

Today, almost every family owns at least one or more digital cameras. Cameras have been an essential part of of lives for capturing memories for generations. One of the most popular and conversely successful lines of cameras, comes from Canon.

The camera has come a long way, from black and white to color film, then into the digital era. Canons line of SLRs, specifically the Canon EOS 400/Rebel XT / Xti / Xsi Digital is a popular consideration for photographers of all levels. Certainly one of the most popular camera lines on the market for a number of years for pros. It's also been one of the favorite beginning photographers camera, because it is so convenient and easy to use.

Canon EOS 400D is the third generation of it's model line, that's been available for a few years. Its an upgrade of the Canon EOS 300D. EOS 400D is different from the previous model, as it is more lightweight and compact. Part of its design package is a unique cleaning system for removing dust. The camera also has a clean dust software model. In addition, other unique features include a low-pass filter, ultrasonic vibration and anti-static coating.

Canon EOS 400D has a bigger 2.5-inch liquid crystal display, with 160 'horizontal and vertical perspective. Photographers easily find the cameras manual settings, through the liquid crystal display and make adjustments as required. Histogram settings include a choice of RGB or brightness. According to several digital camera reviews, this camera displays significantly more dynamic color.

In addition, you can also shoot 27JPEG and 10RAW image. There are a wide range of image parameters and adjustments in style and choices. There are three optional automatic rotation options, and each folder can store 9999 pictures.

The camera deserves further kudos due to its improved user interface. It easier to manage, and makes it easy to understand. When turning the camera off, it will automatically remember your previous settings. It can also provide direct printing function.

Compared with previous models, the Canon EOS 400D shows significant improvements. With its new features, you can find the prior model 300D has dropped significantly in price. When researching a Canon EOS 400D digital camera don't forget to consider the Rebel XT / Xti / Xsi models as well. As they are very similar cameras.

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