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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Registry Toolkit Review -- How Does This Program Compare?

by Thomas Eliot

When put up against some of the industry leaders in registry repair, Registry Toolkit scores high marks as a registry repair utility. Although it lacks some interesting user features, the job it does in identifying registry files needing repair is more than adequate. Where it falls down in comparision with several of the industry leaders is in being able to give the user an idea of the severity of the errors it finds. Also, its graphic user interface is a little less user friendly than many of its peers'.

What Registry Toolkit has going for it is a powerful search algorithm which finds and isolates files needing repair or elimination. It also contains many of the most popular extra features that users have come to expect from their registry cleaner. These include a Browser Helper Object Manager, a Startup List Manager, an Uninstall Manager, and an Internet Explorer Backup/Restore Manager. It, of course, will back up the registry before making any changes.

In scanning our test system, Registry Toolkit found some 79 errors for fixing. It picked up quite a few more items for repair than our resident registry utility, although this was considerably less than what some other utilities found. However the program does not allow the experienced user to view which files are being targeted for repair. A list of these items does show up in the background, but as soon as you click a button they disappear. This can be a little disconcerting if you are a hands on user who likes to verify which files are being indicated. Also, there are no disk optimization capabilities in the extra features; although this is rather a minor point.

One area in which this product excells is in its help files, which are stored online. The online user's manual does a good job in explaining what this program is capable of doing and how to take advantage of its features. Another area which commercial users in particular may wish to consider is that licensing this program for more than one machine will be less costly than it will with others of the leading registry cleaners in the industry. A commercial user can purchase unlimited computer licenses for just under $90; this is a generous break as most other cleaners list this price in the hundreds of dollars range.

For what it provides and the protection it yields, Registry Toolkit certainly ranks up in the top registry cleaners in the industry. If you are able to overlook the sparce and not very eye-pleasing graphic user interface and trust that its judgment in choosing files for repair is solid, then this is definitely a good value for the money.

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